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Children choir Jiskřička was founded in 1985 by Mrs Dana Škardová. As time went by, it developed from a small group of music fans into an ensemble composed of two sections – the preliminary choir and the representing choir.


The current choirmaster Anna Mundilová took over the choir in June 2012. Led by Ms Mundilová, Jiskřička rehearsed a completely new repertoire. Rehearsals are held two times a week and the choir annually attends summer and winter assembly, which lasts a week and serves the purpose of intensive rehearsing. Apart from regularly held concerts, Jiskřička performs at major events of Prague, e. g. the Jewish community anniversary, or the 100th anniversary of Uhříněves becoming a city. Children choir Jiskřička also performs occasionally in various retirement homes in the Czech Republic and in other countries as well. The choir also attends international competitions and festivals abroad. The last major success of Jiskřička was winning the golden award at Zahrada písní competition, which was held in Prague in April 2013.


The preliminary choir has 20 members aged 5 to 7 years.


The number of members of the representing choir is 25. They are between 8 and 20 years of age. The repertoire is varied, but the most common songs of the representing choir are adapted folk songs and songs by 20th century composers. The choir is regularly accompanied on the piano by Mr Vratislav Jambor.

Jiskřička frequently holds concerts for parents of its members and pupils of Bratří Jandusů elementary school. These concerts have become a tradition.